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cloud hosting made easy

Cloud Datacenter

Cloud Datacenter

Easy and powerful, a true Cloud.  Create cloud servers with the operating system of your choice in seconds. Design, build and deploy your own Cloud Data Center at Gigas.

Build your Cloud Datacenter

Cloud VPS

Cloud VPS

The cloud response to the old VPS. The security of a private and dedicated environment but with all the power and growing flexibility that only Gigas Cloud can give you.

Choose your Cloud VPS plan

Click here for online chat free 24/7 specialized support: +44 20 32 39 2392
obsessed with customer support
Toll-free phone, email and chat, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. An in-house specialised technical team with a single obsession: helping you!
we help you migrate
We know that moving is always tedious. We help you migrate your services to our Cloud platform. Check with our technical team about conditions.
easy and powerful: for everyone
Technology does not have to be complicated. At Gigas we make it possible to have a simple yet powerful cloud service, even for non techies!

Our offices:


Av. de Fuencarral 44, Edificio 1
28108 Alcobendas
Madrid - España
900 24 70 00


88 Wood Street, 14th floor
London, UK
+44 20 32 392 392


Av. Chile, Carrera 7a. N° 71 - 21
Torre B Piso 13
Bogotá - Colombia
+57 1382 67 37

Santiago of Chile

Av. Vitacura 2670, 15th floor.
Las Condes
Santiago, Chile
+56 229 381 655


Av. Santo Toribio 115
San Isidro,
Lima 27, Perú
+51 17075675

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