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Cloud Server for Oracle

All the advantages of Gigas' Cloud Server for companies that need to deploy their cloud infrastructure in an Oracle environment.

Deploy your cloud infrastructure in an Oracle environment. Make it Gigas

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CPU: Cores

Choose the power you need. Our Cloud Server for Oracle has no RAM, Cores or Disk limits.

  • Icon ram Cloud Datacenter RAM: 6GB
  • Icon cores Cloud Datacenter CPU: 6 Cores Intel
  • Icon disco Cloud Datacenter Disk: 200GB
  • Icon transferencia Cloud Datacenter Transfer: 2000GB
  • Total: 100€
  • No variable costs

Choose your Clour Server for Oracle

  • Icon ram Cloud Datacenter RAM: 6GB
  • Icon cores Cloud Datacenter CPU: 6 Cores
  • Icon  Cloud Datacenter Disk: 200GB
  • Icon  Cloud Datacenter Transfer: 2000GB

Our service is certified and fully supported by Oracle

Cloud Server for Oracle is based on the Oracle VM virtualization technology . The use of this technology will turn into important advantages for your company, from licensing to the tranquility of being 100 % certified and supported for all Oracle applications.

Technical features and service

You decide the quality and price of your disks. At Gigas we work with different storage Tiers (SSD, SAS, SATA)
Memory and CPU
Total memory allocation is guaranteed. We carry out this provision with physical servers with the latest-generation Intel processors
Advanced Backup
Advanced Backup includes licenses which, together with our team, allow you to define the backup policies best suited to your infrastructure.
Complete interface control
From the easy-to-use Internet control panel on your computer or Smartphone, you are always in control.
Your data security
Your data is completely secure at our data centers in Madrid and Barcelona (Tier III), Ireland, Lisbon and Porto, Miami (Tier IV), Santiago de Chile (Tier III) and Bogota (ICREA 5)
Operating systems
Supported operating systems: Oracle Linux (v5 & v6)
Internal Network and VPN
We provide a separate and secure environment within your own Internal Network (VLAN) so that servers can communicate via a secure channel.
Technicians and experts in the product, give you 24/7 top quality Support. The service is fully backed by Oracle.

Why Cloud Server for Oracle?

  • Because you don't yet know the capacity your database needs
  • Because you are looking for a pay-as-you-go solution without a fixed-term contract
  • Because you need to develop a temporary Oracle environment
  • Because you want to add a contingency solution (D&R) to your Oracle database
  • Because you want to save on costs and have better access without investing a lot

Integrated with your Cloud Datacenter

The Cloud Server for Oracle can be integrated with your Gigas Cloud Datacenter. You can thus can keep your existing infrastructure and at the same time interconnect it to your Oracle database. Communications between the Gigas Cloud Datacenter and the optimized Oracle server are via an Internal Network which comes free with the Cloud Datacenter product.

Having an Oracle certified environment guarantees you complete performance and support. Total security. Total flexibility and the best technology for your business

Addons Cloud Server for Oracle

Cloud Datacenter

Additional disk space

Cloud Datacenter

Choose your type of disk

Cloud Datacenter

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Cloud Datacenter

Additional IPs

24 hours a day / 7 days a week

tlf: 786 405 07 62

Cloud Server for Oracle Trial

If you like what you've seen and would like to try our Cloud Server for Oracle with leading market technology, we would be happy to give you full access to our system for you to try it for free. No commitment.

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