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Contingency solution (D&R)

The continuity of your business is a vital aspect of our service. Our cover offers planning for disaster recovery as well as planning for the re-establishment of your business. This service allows you to respond to a disruption in your services by implementing a contingency plan that restores critical corporate functions.

Our service involves a customized plan that protects your servers by replicating data, applications, and entire operating systems at any of Gigas' Datacenters. If a production server becomes unavailable, your users can continue using the service via Gigas' servers, with minimal or no disruption.

Gigas Cloud Contingency service enables companies of any size to implement and integrate automatic protection at an affordable price. It is an alternative that, in addition to being economic and efficient, is scalable to any requirement, even the most complex.

With the Gigas Cloud Contingency Service you no longer need to implement complex and expensive D&R services. Ensure the continuity of your business with our complete service and monthly "pay per use" that allows you to forget about managing this service. No investment or increase to your operating costs are involved.

  • Ensure the continuity of your business
  • Highly efficient and economical customized solution
  • No initial investment
  • Monthly "pay per use"
  • No fixed-term contract

Why gigas?

  • Monthly "pay per use"
  • No fixed-term contract
  • High availability and complete disaster recovery
  • Real time data administration
  • Low RTOs (Recovery Time Objective)
  • Low RPO's (Recovery Point Objective)
  • Efficient bandwidth use
  • D&R clusters without geographical limitations
  • Customized, turnkey service
  • Minimized risk of data loss

How our D&R services works

disater and recovery works

We replicate your infrastructure, server to server, in all its variations wherever it is in the world:

  • Physical server to Gigas
  • Virtual server to Gigas
  • Contingency between Gigas' Datacenters (Madrid - Barcelona - Lisbon - Porto - Miami - Santiago de Chile - Bogota)


  • Windows Server 2008 Standard, Enterprise and Datacenter ( 32 - bit / 64 - bit)
  • Windows Server 2012 Foundation, Essentials, Standard, Datacenter Editions
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.8 or above, CentOS
  • Oracle Enterprise Linux 5 and 6
  • Ubuntu 10.04 and 12.04 LTS
  • SUSE Linux Enterprise 10 and 11
  • File systems EXT2-4
  • VMware VirtualCenter 2.x or later
  • VMware VirtualCenter 3.x or later
  • VMware VirtualCenter 5.0.x or later
Hyper-V requirements:
  • Microsoft .NET 3.5 SP1
  • VM stored on a standard NTFS file system
  • TCP / IP with a static IP address or DHCP address reserved for Hyper-V hosts

Find out more about our contingency solution

If you want to ensure the continuity of your business in the case of an unexpected event or data loss, contact us about implementing our Disaster & Recovery system

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