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cloud hosting made easy

Cloud Datacenter

Cloud Datacenter

Finally a cloud service easy to buy and use. Build your own cloud data center in one minute with all the power you need

Configure your Cloud Datacenter

  • RAM4GB
  • CPU25,2GHZ
  • Disk150GB
  • Transfer1500GB

Need a custom solution?

Give us a call without obligation at +1 786 2203245 or if you prefer, we can call you, leave us your phone number here:

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Cloud Datacenter?

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Advanced features and addons

  • Instant upgrades

    With the cloud of Gigas, adapt and grow your services is not only easy, but it is also instantaneous. Responds to your request within seconds.

    Price: according to chosen plans

  • VLANs new

    With Cloud Datacenter you can have your own VLAN to 10Gbps and up to 254 private IP. This service allows you to hire balancers and autoscaling.

    Price: First VLAN free
    (additional one USD 70 /month)

  • Load Balancers new

    Optimize your services and applications with our balancer, powerful options while simple to configure and get free horizontal autoscaling.

    Price: USD 280 - 1 Node

    Price: USD 385 - 2 Node High Availability

  • Autoscaling new

    Now when hiring a balancer you get free horizontal autoscaling service. Set it or set rules based on your consumption.

    Price: Free with your load balancer!

  • Additional IPs

    All Cloud Datacenters have at least 2 dedicated IP addresses, but if you require additional IPs you can hire them instantly

    Price: USD 15 /month

  • Additional disk space

    If you need additional disk space you can hire 50GB blocks immediately. If you need much more, call us at +1 786 2203245

    Price: USD 30 - 50GB of disk

    Price: USD 350 - 1TB of disk

  • Additional transfer

    If one month you get a warning notice that you've consumed so much of your transfer, you can purchase additional transfer 500GB blocks that do not expire.

    Price: USD 20 - 100GB of transfer

    Price: USD 70 - 500GB of transfer

  • Free backup

    All Cloud Datacenter plans have a weekly full and automatic backup. Also, you can convert your backups in templates to install them in other Cloud servers.

    Price: Free with your Cloud Datacenter!

  • Licenses

    Gigas makes you easy to hire different versions of Windows and Red Hat licences. Also remember you have many free templates you can use.

    Price: USD 14 /month - Windows Server Licenses

  • Domains

    If you are a Cloud Datacenter customer you can buy different domains at a great price and you can also manage them from your Control Panel in Gigas.

    USD 10.5 - .ES


    USD 19.5 - .COM.CO .NET.CO .NOM.CO

    USD 32.9 - .CO .CC .TV

Compare Cloud Datacenter, VPS and dedicated servers

Cloud Datacenter other VPS (not cloud) Dedicated
Virtual Lan (Vlan) si no no
Create multiples servers si no no
Instant deployment si no
up to 2 hours
up to a couple days
Resize servers in seconds si no no
Free Backup si no no
Free Firewall si no no
Monthly payment with no commitments si no si
Root Access si no si
Free Plesk 10 si si no
video Cloud Datacenter

Cloud Datacenter Tour

A fast tour through the Cloud Datacenter, so you can see how easy it is to contract and set to work your services in the Gigas' Cloud:
cloud hosting made easy.

Cloud Datacenter Features

Create multiple servers si
assign your resources to several cloud servers
Immediate server deployment si
without waiting times
Real Cloud Technology si
One-click resource modifications si
Your services replicate in case of an incident
Private VLAN ready si
Up to 10 Gbps!
Free firewall si
Free backup si
Guaranteed RAM si
your RAM is only yours
Free Parallels Plesk license si
Plesk 10 domains
Auto-Scaling si
Load balancing si
HP Blade Technology si
Specialized support service 24x7 si
Toll-free support by phone all year long si
Migration support si

Compare our different plans

Cores IP Addresses Disk space RAM Monthly transfer Port Speed
(by Server)
Virtual Lan
Free Firewall Free backup Price
DC 4 gigas 8 3 150 GB 4 GB 1500 GB 100 Mbit si si si USD 180 continue
DC 6 gigas 10 3 200 GB 6 GB 2000 GB 100 Mbit si si si USD 265 continue
DC 8 gigas 12 5 250 GB 8 GB 2500 GB 100 Mbit si si si USD 390 continue
DC 12 gigas 24 5 350 GB 12 GB 3000 GB 100 Mbit si si si USD 590 continue
DC 16 gigas 30 5 500 GB 16 GB 3500 GB 100 Mbit si si si USD 770 continue
DC 24 gigas 32 5 550 GB 24 GB 4000 GB 100 Mbit si si si USD 1,050 continue
DC 32 gigas 36 10 600 GB 32 GB 4500 GB 100 Mbit si si si USD 1,290 continue
DC 48 gigas 40 10 650 GB 48 GB 5000 GB 100 Mbit si si si USD 1,800 continue
DC 64 gigas 42 10 700 GB 64 GB 5500 GB 100 Mbit si si si USD 2,250 continue
DC 96 gigas 50 10 1000 GB 96 GB 6500 GB 100 Mbit si si si USD 3,000 continue
Click here for online chat free 24/7 specialized support: +1 786 2203245

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