Can I add resources to or upgrade my Cloud

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You can increase the resources of any Cloud product in real time either by adding new resources or upgrading to a higher plan:

1. Adding resources. The resources you can add are extra hard drive space, additional IP addresses (only DataCenter products) and extra traffic/transfer. You can find more information about managing your cloud and adding new resources in this tutorial: How to Manage my Cloud Server from within Gigas Control Panel

2.Upgrading plan. By upgrading your Cloud VPS or your Cloud DataCenter you can increase all the above mentioned resources plus CPU cores and memory. Upgrading does not affect any data in your Cloud Servers. You can find more information in our tutorial: How to Manage your Cloud´s Resources / Product Upgrade

Please note that depending on the operating system and the type of resource that is being added, a reboot of the Cloud Server is sometimes required. For more information please contact us.