Factors to consider when resizing your disk

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If you are resizing or changing your disk, we want to let you know that it may take time based on the following factors:

  • Total size of disk and size of disk to add/remove.
  • Number of stored files in disk
  • Possible logical disk errors (problems with inode logical structure of the file system, etc..)

Before running the process, remember that your server will NOT be operative to avoid inconsistencies in disk, it cannot be accessed while performing.

Resize length estimation

If you want an estimate of how long it can take to complete the process, we recommend you perform a check disk first. Usually the resize takes 3-5 times what a check disk takes.

You can run a check disk as follows:


To check a disk where the OS is mounted, you have to perform next commands:

 touch  /forcefsck

once reboot it will check the disk.

If you want to check an extra disk, you should check it is not mounted on the system. To check it, type


and check your disk does not appear (that is, it is not mounted).

Once you have checked that, perform next command (depending on the type of your disk) ATA disks

fsck -f /dev/hdXXX

SATA, SAS and SSD disks

fsck -f /dev/sdXXX

Virtual Disk (virtio)

fsck -f /dev/vdXXX

Where XXX is the device number you want to check.


chkdsk /f

Once you launch the resize, you can contact our support team (phone, chat, or ticket) and ask about the current status and a time estimate of completion.

If you have doubts or need further information remember we are available 24x7, 365 days chat, phone and ticket.