Fortinet Upgrade 5.6.9

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To update the firmware version of the Fortinet firewall we start by accessing the section System → Firmware (or System → Firmware)

Actualizacion Fortigate 5.6.9(1).png

Then, within that section we can see all Firmware versions that can be updated, in this case the recommended is 5.6.9. Within this option we make sure to have selected Follow upgrade path for a more secure update and we will be able to see the intermediate steps that will be necessary until the update is finished. Once checked we continue with Backup config and upgrade (Backup configuration and update).

Actualizacion Fortigate 5.6.9(2).png

The system will warn us that to do the update, the firewall must be restarted. We accept and download the current configuration of the firewall.

Actualizacion Fortigate 5.6.9(3).png

After this it will begin to download and install the new firmware, the process should take only a few minutes. If the page does not update in 5 minutes we can reopen the firewall URL or refresh it without any problem.

Actualizacion Fortigate 5.6.9(4).png

After this we repeat the same steps with the remaining updates until we reach the one we want to keep.