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<p>Watch this video | https://youtu.be/ovdXkwgQKyU</p>
<p>Watch this video | https://youtu.be/ovdXkwgQKyU</p>

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You can ​​now deploy servers in any of our datacenters (Madrid, Miami or Santiago de Chile), using the pool of resources of your Cloud Datacenter.​​ ​A new way to locate ​​the servers closer to your customers, improving, the connectivity latencies the experience of the end user.

Purchasing your Cloud Datacenter

Define the location of VLAN and Load Balancer


Deploying a Cloud Server

You can deploy your Cloud Servers in any of our datacenters (Madrid, Miami or Santiago de Chile) just by selecting your datacenter of choice in the "Location" tab Crearserver.png [[1]]

More info

Watch this video | https://youtu.be/ovdXkwgQKyU

Videopresentacion.png https://youtu.be/ovdXkwgQKyU