Conditions and responsibilities of gigas hosting support department

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The conditions that the Gigas Hosting’ Support Department follows when solving requests or incidence (Tickets) including in this document, are accepted when hiring a new product because the support service is an added value to the Cloud product hired with Gigas Hosting.

There’s a difference between issue and request and because of this we’re going to settle the difference between administered issue (request) and NON-administered issue (incidence).

Administered issue (Request) is any action requested to our support department that can be done by the client (who has total access to his/her cloud server), but for any given reason asks our technicians to solve it instead.

NON-Administered issue (Incidence) is any action requested to our support department that, even with total access to the server, can’t be solved by the client, so it requires an intervention from Gigas Hosting. This could be a network failure, a cloud VM with booting trouble or a degraded performance not applicable to the use of any app installed in it.

A code error, installation, a service (Apache, MySQL, Mail, etc.), any installation/configuration of any app, a stopped server, SPAM, etc… will not be considered as an Incidence, but a request.

After this explanation, the client must understand that the requests will ALWAYS have less priority over the Incidences and thus:

  • Under no circumstance we will give any priority in the resolution of any ticket over any other, because it would break the logic established and explained already.
  • We will NEVER be able to give the estimated resolution time of a ticket, because depending on the case, it can be client’s configurations, which Gigas don’t know about, and implies a resolution time impossible to estimate.
  • The tickets with the same priority are treated by arrival order.
  • A ticket implies the resolution of only one problem. If there were two problems, they can’t be treated at the same ticket; a new incidence/request (ticket) must be open for us to be able to have a correct record that generates no confusions, minding that is possible that the ticket can be treated by several technicians.
  • When an incidence has been opened already in our Support department, every further communication about it must be established at the same ticket for optimizing both the resolution method and resolution time of the incidence.
  • If a client opens a new incidence/request by several ways will delay the resolution time and will also affect the resolution time of the rest of the tickets.
  • The priority that a ticket gets depends on several factors existing internal priorities about the incidence for assuring the most effective resolution times of critical incidences. This always depend on:
    1. Type: Incidence or Request
    2. Subcategory type: What the ticket is about
    3. Ticket’s lifetime
    4. Client’s priority marked on the ticket
  • Gigas’ technicians will solve an incidence/prioritize the most optimal way they consider. If the client is not satisfied with the given resolution, he/she will be able to tell us or even re-open the ticket.
  • The procedure for solving incidences or requests by the Support department of Gigas Hosting is taking actions at the server like if it was the client himself, so when a client asks our support approves that this department has total access to the server without asking this access beforehand, unless it had been changed before and this action hasn’t been notified yet to Gigas Hosting.
  • For a correct resolution of the incidences/requests is possible that the Gigas Hosting Support department need to access the client’s server, having to create any rule at the server’s firewall. The client pre-authorizes these actions to be taken when he/she opens an incidence/request by any way, to the Support department of Gigas Hosting.
  • Gigas Hosting is not responsible of the resolution of the requests but will try to help with everything that’s possible.
If you have doubts or need further information remember we are available 24x7, 365 days chat, phone and ticket.