How to enjoy Plesk license

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Once you have contracted any of Gigas´ Cloud Products,access your Gigas Control Panel, either clicking on the link provided in the above mentioned email, or directly through If you haven´t done so yet, enter your login credentials, accessing the Gigas Control Panel (1), Services menu (2), Licenses – Contract new service (3).

Licencia Plesk2.jpg

Once you have ascertained that the product and billing cycle you have selected are the ones you wish to purchase, click continue.

Licencia Plesk3.jpg

Licencia Plesk4.jpg

You now only have to accept the Terms and Conditions by marking the acceptance box (3), clicking “Checkout” (4) to finish.

Licencia Plesk6.jpg

The next screen confirms the order you just placed. You will shortly receive the Plesk license for its activation.

After a few minutes, you will receive an email with a direct link to the ticket issued in your client area.

Licencia Plesk7.jpg

Click on the provided link. If you are not currently logged in at Gigas, you will have to do so at the screen you will find. You also may access the ticket directly from the Gigas Control Panel from within your client area.

With the ticket you will find the attached license, which you may download. You will find the license as a XML file. You may download it by doing the following:

- Click on the file name in order to download it to your local computer.

- Store the XML file on your local hard drive. Remember where you store it since will have to load the file while performing later steps.

Licencia Plesk8.jpg

Access the Cloud Server´s “Details”. As long as you used a layout containing Plesk when creating the Virtual Server, there will be a link under the machine´s name (A).

Click on this link to access the Plesk administration screen. Take note that, in order to access this panel, you will have to identify yourself using the password defined during the Cloud Server´s creation: were you not to remember it, you may access it by clicking the “Show” button (B)

Licencia Plesk9.jpg

Licencia Plesk10.jpg

Under Username (A) enter the administrator account name: “root” if the server uses Linux, “Administrator” if it uses Windows. Under Password (B), enter the chosen password during the Cloud Server´s creation, as mentioned in this Guide´s previous step.

The following page displays the Plesk License Agreement. If you agree, mark the check box indicating agreement with the terms (1), and click the “Accept” button (2).

Licencia Plesk11.jpg

We enter the machine´s full hostname (server name + domain) (1), as well as a new password for the Plesk administration account (2), finishing by accepting (3).

Licencia Plesk12.jpg

We select the condition that best describes the use you are going to give the Plesk panel (1),. Depending on this selection, the lower section on the page will unforld (2). Here we chose the view we wish to use under Plesk (for this Guide´s purposes we

Licencia Plesk13.jpg

Next, fill out your data form, clicking “OK” to continue.

Licencia Plesk14.jpg

In the “License Management” screen, we select “Upload Key”

Licencia Plesk15.jpg

We select “Select file”

Licencia Plesk16.jpg

We chose the XML file (1) from where you decompressed. If you want to return to this step, pulse here. Remember to select the file with XML extension, and not the .zip extension file belonging to the compressed file. Both files may have the same name. Complete the selection by clicking “open” (2).

Licencia Plesk17.jpg

Back on the “License Key Upload” page, we mark “Replace the currently installed key with the selected one” (1), continuing by clicking “OK” (2).

Licencia Plesk18.jpg

The resulting page reflects our free-of-charge Gigas Plesk 10.

Licencia Plesk19.jpg

From this point on your Plesk panel is active and you may start using it.

If you have doubts or need further information remember we are available 24x7, 365 days chat, phone and ticket.