My cloud has more resources than what I need Can I do a downgrade

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Required data

In order to do so you just have to send a ticket to the Support Dept. from within the Gigas Control Panel, requesting the downgrade and supplying the following information:

  • Product (Cloud) you wish to Downgrade from (for instance, Cloud Datacenter 6 Gigas)
  • Cloud Servers contained in said product (for instance,;
  • Destination product (Cloud you wish to downgrade to) (for instance, Cloud Datacenter 4 Gigas)
  • Gigas user name (email address)
  • Account´s owner ID number
  • Account´s street address


Consider that, while performing a downgrade, you are moving into a more modest product, a Cloud with fewer resources than the Cloud you own now. In order to perform the downgrade it has to be checked that you don´t have in use:

  • More hard drive space than what your new Cloud has
  • More cores than what your new Cloud allows
  • More memory than what your new Cloud allows
  • More IPs than what your new Cloud allows
  • More Bandwidth (data transfer volume) than what your new Cloud allows

Once all the information has been verified and the downgrade has been performed, the proportional amount associated with the contracting of a more modest, cheaper product will be credited to your account.

All existing Addons will be applied to the lower Could as well.

Calculating the proportional amount

The process for calculating this proportional amount is as follows:

Per day calculation of the associated product prices (higher and lower Clouds)

  1. Higher product per day price (starting with 1) x days until expiration = refund amount (refund for unused services to the client)
  2. New product per day price (from the 1st) x days until the next date = amount to be charged (since Gigas only charges clients for what they are going to use)

Total to be charged = charge amount (2) – refund amount (1)

Estimated time of completion

The estimated time is takes to perform the downgrade will be counted from the verification on the downgrade request ticket´s information. If the operation can not be performed due to the points enumerated here, you will be contacted by Gigas´ Support Department.

If you have doubts or need further information remember we are available 24x7, 365 days chat, phone and ticket.