Windows checkdisk for resizes

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  1. You need to access via remote desktop to the Windows server and open a console.
  2. Execute the command “CHKDSK /f”
  3. Cconfirm the check disk for being executed after the next booting of the server.
  4. Execute the command “shutdown –r –f –t 00” for rebooting the server.
    Chequeo disco W.jpg
  5. Check via console the check disk and the further booting process. You have the option of accessing via VNC or Java console, this two are available at the Gigas’ panel at the Console tab.
    Chequeo disco W1.jpg
  6. Repeat the process (from 1 to 5).
  7. Launch the disk’s resize from the Gigas’ panel at the Disk tab.
    Check disk W2.jpg
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