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Cybersecurity services for companies.

Prevention is better than recovery: data losses due to human or technical failure or cyber-attacks do happen. Protect your company's information through our cybersecurity services and have a contingency plan in place from the outset.

At Gigas we have more than 12 years of experience in the digitisation of companies, being providers of cybersecurity services, as we know that it must always be a priority. Securiza los datos y aplicativos críticos de tu negocio. We provide "Tranquility as a Service".

Discover our advanced IT cybersecurity services

Backup Solutions

g-Backup for Servers

Different Backup solutions with Veeam technology adapted to the needs of your company.

g-Backup 365

Our solution ensures three-year data retention and unlimited storage. Protect your files stored on one drive, email account data and even your meets sessions.

g-Backup Infinite

Our most innovative backup solution: designed for windows computers. Browse your folders and retrieve the files you need, download entire disks and system images.

IT perimeter security

Firewall Fortinet

We are powered by Fortinet, a leading manufacturer of advanced IT perimeter security solutions with proven expertise in information protection, control, inspection and multi-layered traffic management.


Thanks to it, you will be able to access and transfer information in an unlimited way, with total security and without the need for your servers to be connected to the Internet.

Disaster recovery

Gigas Recovery

Have a plan B in case of service problems in your physical or cloud infrastructure. A stable and cost-effective continuity solution that replicates only those servers that are critical.

What are the advantages of our services?

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24x7 support included

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Maximum data security

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Scalable solution

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Tailor-made for your company

Manage your solutions from a simple control panel

Cybersecurity and cloud

Protect your business. Build a cloud architecture that gives you everything you need in terms of cybersecurity and connectivity.

Complement your cybersecurity services with the cloud

Cloud Datacenter

Much more than just servers: you will have at your disposal a pool of resources (cores, ram, disk and transfer) that you can distribute as you need. You will be able to manage your resources through our control panel in a flexible way and in real time.

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SAP Cloud

Our infrastructure is "SAP Certified in Infrastructure Operations Services". Different methods of accessing the power of your applications, both Business One and S/4 HANA.

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Sage Cloud

Gigas joins the Sage Strategic Hosting Providers Business Partner Cloud programme to bring Sage solutions to the Spanish and Portuguese B2B market.

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Incorporates private connectivity

Private cloud connect

Direct private fibre access from your offices to the Gigas cloud with total security.

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What does the data say?

Having a vulnerable infrastructure can severely damage your business, both financially and reputationally.

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According to Sophos' "State of Ransomware 2021" report, the average ransom payment in 2021 was around $170,000 USD, an increase of 47% compared to 2020.

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Incident frequency: An IBM report states that the probability of a company suffering a data breach in a given year is 13.9%, and the average time to identify and contain a breach is 287 days.

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Impact on customer trust: According to a Harris Poll survey, 91% of consumers said they would stop doing business with a company if they knew it did not adequately protect their personal data.

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Fines and penalties: With the implementation of regulations such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in the European Union and similar privacy laws in other jurisdictions, companies may face significant fines for failing to adequately protect their data.

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Reputational damage: The impact on a company's reputation following a data breach can be long-lasting and difficult to quantify.

Resources and articles related to cybersecurity services

ciberataque a sony

Famous cyber attacks: Sony Pictures 2014

Imagine digital chaos as if it were a Hollywood backstage, where the bright lights of geopolitics and film reveal an unexpected script. In 2014, Sony Pictures found itself at the centre stage of a cyber-attack that exposed much more than just studio secrets.

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IA y ciberseguridad

How artificial intelligence affects corporate cybersecurity

The rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI) brings with it both significant advances in multiple sectors, but also growing cybersecurity concerns. There has been an alarming increase in cyber-attacks using AI, forcing a more rigorous protection of digital systems.

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copias de seguridad nube

A guide to cloud backup for businesses

O sistema de backup tem sido fundamental para a segurança e continuidade do negócio de muitas empresas. Este conceito de duplicação de dados pode ser armazenado num sistema de hardware ou na nuvem, e é criado com o objetivo de restaurar a informação em caso de perda ou dano.

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ciberseguridad para empresas

Why should cyber security for business be a priority?

Nowadays, companies handle a large amount of critical information and store their data both in the cloud and on physical servers. At the same time, the incessant increase in cyber-attacks makes it necessary to have protection systems that guarantee the security of this information and data.

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What cloud infrastructure does your company need?

Bluesnarfing infographic

Bluesnarfing is a cyber-attack that exploits vulnerabilities in the Bluetooth protocol to gain unauthorised access to information stored on everyday devices.

Why Gigas? ebook

In today's fast-paced digital world, we are the Cloud service provider for more than 10,000 enterprise customers worldwide.

Success stories

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Document Management

Juan Repiso

Juan Repiso
Managing Director at Baratz

“A few years ago a fire broke out at 9:30 in the evening, but as our applications were in the cloud, we were able to run all our systems seamlessly that same night.”
caso de éxito baratz
"The pool on the roof must have a leak"
-- Hackers (1995)

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