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Cloud services are indispensable for any company, regardless of its size. These services range from being able to have space for storing files or data in the cloud, to management applications in different areas of the business.

The cloud is a journey: whatever stage your business is at, at Gigas we have end-to-end cloud solutions to drive the digitisation of your systems.

The cloud is not just infrastructure. We help you define the ideal cloud solution for your business and critical applications and accompany you throughout the process.

  • Cybersecurity and Backup
  • Monitoring
  • Contingency
  • Redundancy
  • Dedicated connectivity

What cloud services do we offer at Gigas?


Much more than simple servers: you will have at your disposal a pool of resources (cores, ram, disk and transfer) that you can distribute as you need.

You will be able to manage your resources through our control panel in a flexible way and in real time. We have 9 datacenters distributed around the globe to eliminate latency to a minimum. We offer redundancy and continuity.

Discover Cloud Datacenter


sap cloud services

If you need to migrate your SAP applications to the cloud, or if you need a solution based on this business system, we offer SAP, in IaaS, PaaS and SaaS mode. Our infrastructure is "SAP Certified in Infrastructure Operations Services". Different methods of access to the power of your applications, both Business One and S/4 HANA.


This service will allow you to access your applications through the web, solving accessibility problems and allowing teleworking and geographical relocation.


Forget about shared servers. Set up test environments, create corporate websites, ecommerce, mobile applications, etc... with all the resources dedicated to you.

Available cloud add-ons

In addition, you can complement your cloud architecture with the following
services to provide greater flexibility, securitisation and/or connection to it:

Improves performance and efficiency:

BIG-IP DE F5 Load Balancer

Deliver the best user experience for your corporate applications (be it a corporate website or an accounting and logistics system) by balancing the load between multiple servers so that they are never saturated, favouring the speed and optimal performance of your systems.

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Incorporates private connectivity

Private cloud connect

Direct private fibre access from your offices to the Gigas cloud with total security.

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Add extra security:


An encrypted connection between your offices and our cloud with 80 Mbits speed and 3 tunnels.

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Firewall Fortinet

We have one of the leading perimeter security solutions on the market that guarantees the protection of information, control, inspection and multi-layer traffic management.

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Backup with Veeam technology

We have multiple solutions for both computers and servers to maintain backups of your company's information.

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Disaster Recovery

We have disaster contingency solutions, we redundant the information in multiple locations to be protected against unforeseen events in any situation.

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We are with you: we are your IT team

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Cloud Specialists

  • Tailor-made service

    Your infrastructure as a service (IaaS) or cloud hosting or, if you prefer, in Platform as a Service (PaaS) or managed cloud mode.

  • Cloud self-managed or managed by Gigas engineering team

    Through our control panel you can manage all your resources and if you prefer we become your IT team.

  • Experts in architecture and cloud design

    We provide you with a team of expert engineers in architecture and cloud design to advise you and accompany you.

  • Migration Assistance

    We know that any migration is both critical and daunting. We put additional resources into ensuring the success of any cloud migration scenario: on-premise to cloud and cloud to cloud.

Simple and intuitive Control Panel

  • Deploy servers in seconds
  • Select the location of your servers with one click
  • Allocates base and pay-as-you-go resources
  • Easily deploy VLANs and VPNs
  • One-click backup and keep track of your backups
mapa doble datacenter madrid miami gigas

9 Datacenters

Our tier III, IV and ICREA 5 datacenters, located in Madrid, Barcelona, Dublin, Miami, Santiago de Chile, Bogota, Lisbon and Porto ensure minimum latency as well as offering a global environment and worldwide connectivity.

  • datacenter madrid miami gigas Madrid I & II
  • datacenter madrid miami gigas Barcelona
  • datacenter madrid miami gigas Dublín
  • datacenter madrid miami gigas Miami
  • datacenter madrid miami gigas Santiago de Chile
  • datacenter madrid miami gigas Bogota
  • datacenter madrid miami gigas Lisbon
  • datacenter madrid miami gigas Porto
  • Redundant environments
  • Offices in Spain, Colombia, Chile, Mexico, Peru, Ireland and Portugal

Advantages of the Gigas Cloud

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Cloud Redundancy

prize fixed icon

Transparent Cloud with no hidden costs

transfer icon

Transfer included

support icon

24x7 support included

safe icon

Secure Cloud

managed icon

Proximity and accompaniment

eficiency icon

Pay-as-you-go resources

resize icon

Flexible and scalable

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What cloud infrastructure does your company need?

The history of the cloud ebook

From its beginnings to its mass adoption in today's digital landscape. Read about the journey of this service and all the features of Cloud Computing.

Why Gigas? ebook

In today's fast-paced digital world, we are the Cloud service provider for more than 10,000 enterprise customers worldwide.

Success stories

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Copernicus project

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Partner SAP

E-learning Platform Manager and Academic Director Senati

“Gigas’ Cloud service has been an important tool for future training segments of SENATI (the National Service of Occupational Training in Industry). It enhances the services provided to students, with storage in a flexible, scalable, faster and secure cloud.”
Clients' testimonials cloud datacenter gigas
roberto garrote

Head of Information Systems Antonio de Nebrija University

“Gigas provides us with a shared web hosting service, active and scaled monitoring of infrastructure tailored to our needs. As a result, we were able to migrate our web with no impact on service, enhance performance of our visitors, and develop applications with our technical team.”
Clients' testimonials cloud datacenter gigas
victor parraga

Head of Infrastructure Management Sopra Steria

“Gigas is a prime example of proximity, flexibility and transparency for its partners”
Clients' testimonials cloud datacenter gigas
álvaro íñiguez

Partner Common Management Solutions

“Gigas offers peace of mind. We know we are in good hands”
Clients' testimonials cloud datacenter gigas
damián melero

CIO of Abba Hoteles

"We needed to deploy our most critical services on the cloud ensuring total availability at any time of the process. Gigas offered us a complete solution, accompanying us over the migration with constant and immediate technical support. We keep growing with Gigas because they make easier the day by day job and the solution to any inconvenient that may appear"
Clients' testimonials cloud datacenter gigas
Auxi Ureña

Responsible for Business Development

Flexibility, speed of response and quality service. A trusted partner more than just a provider"
Clients' testimonials cloud datacenter gigas
Iván Eyara

Head of Canal 13 Digital Media Platforms

"Gigas' cloud solution allowed us to have a contingency environment for our web platform for the Soccer World Championship. The support given by Gigas' staff throughout the process, together with an efficient cost structure were what made us choose their services."
Clients' testimonials cloud datacenter gigas
Víctor Leal

SAP Manager of Ecosystems and Channels for Latin America Northern Region & Caribbean.

"On our way to become The Cloud Company powered by SAP, it is important to ensure that full information is secure, well managed and with a much lower maintenance cost. Gigas certainly is our strategic ally in this regard and we have no doubt that together we will deliver great value and benefits for our customers"
Clients' testimonials cloud datacenter gigas
Jorge Humberto

Heinsohn ERP's National Director.

"We wanted to find the best partner to support our range of solutions, so we considered several service providers and analysed many ?cloud services. With GIGAS? we found an excellent cost-benefit ratio and also high efficiency and flexibility for better and easier platform management"
Clients' testimonials cloud datacenter gigas
Camilo Peña

Head of the Legal Department and Risk at Latin Logistics LLC (DBA) Avianca Express.

"Gigas Hosting fully complies with all its contractual obligations and provides excellent service."
Clients' testimonials cloud datacenter gigas
Ángel Luengo

A. Luengo.
Co-Founder, CTO

"We liked Gigas' perspective. Instead of hiring servers that are bigger or smaller you hire a resource pool. Once you have it, you manage it as you like and as you need. Gigas also offered us the advantage of supplying our content to end users by hiring their services in Datacenters in Madrid and Miami."
Clients' testimonials cloud datacenter gigas

Jairo Ramírez C. Administrative Assistant
Manufacturas de Cemento S.A. TITAN

“After a careful and in-depth assessment we chose Gigas’ Cloud as it met all our requirements. It is incredibly simple to use and offers advanced functions for creating and modifying virtual servers on demand and with just a few clicks, as well the possibility of making full backups and installing full operational systems.”
Clients' testimonials SAP cloud gigas
Christian Gardner

Christian Gardiner
General Manager Iberia (Spain & Portugal)

"Thanks to Gigas' service we were able to supply our Visual Analytics tool immediately and without cost to the clients of our software platform, transforming it into a service when previously it was an investment in infrastructure that our clients had to make."
Clients' testimonials cloud datacenter gigas

Cloud is in the air, everywhere I look around
-- John Paul Young?


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