The key aspects of our security:
Don’t risk anything

When it comes to Security, our aim is to make things easy for you:

  • Decide where you want to store your data and ensure its traceability
  • Tier III and IV Datacenters and firewalls are included in our solutions
  • The highest international standards: ISO 27001, ISO 27018, Level 1 PCI DSS, CISPE and RGPD


Gigas’ infrastructure is housed in professional data centers that meet the requirements of the highest certifications (Tier III and Tier IV)

All of our data centers (Madrid 1, Digital Realty in Madrid 2, Orange in Barcelona, NOS in Lisbon and Porto, BT in Ireland, Equinix in Miami, , Grupo GTD in Santiago de Chile and Grupo Claro in Bogota) have advanced security services to prevent unauthorized access to the hardware systems.

  • Data centers are protected by 24/7 access control, closed circuit television (CCTV) and security doors
  • We offer five levels of security
  • 24/7 Security Personnel
  • Certified information security management systems (ISO and BS) to ensure physical security measures such as redundancy in connectivity, power supply, air conditioning

In addition, our technology includes a redundant architecture system and the following technical specifications:

  • Scalable and redundant systems based on high availability HP blade solutions on C7000 chassis pairs and Virtual Connect technology
  • NetApp Storage with redundant equipment in controllers and independent disk trays and capacity to grow above 4,000 TB
  • Fiber Channel (8 Gbps) connection between servers and storage
  • 10G (10 Gbps) Network over Cisco technology
  • Autonomous systems with their own address in Europe (RIPE), the United States (ARIN), and Latin America (LATNIC)
  • Redundant transit with Tier I global operators
  • Level 2 fiber connection between our data centers


Although this aspect of security is the responsibility of our clients, Gigas facilitates its correct implementation by including firewalls as well as putting a team of engineers at your disposal 24/7 who ensure that the platform is free from threats and intrusions that could interfere in the quality of our services.

Gigas collaborates with the maintenance of the logical security of its clients by offering a free standard firewall for all its Cloud Datacenters; this means that the first security layer is ALWAYS available from the moment that the Gigas cloud servers are deployed.

Gigas also offers Fortinet technology for its Cloud Datacenters; this is a leading manufacturer of advanced perimeter security solutions with proven experience in information protection, control, inspection and multi-layer traffic management, and strictly complies with the requirements of the largest corporations.

Gigas’ Advanced Firewall offers Cloud Datacenter users a comprehensive security solution using Fortigate VM that addresses the fundamental needs for protection, control of information, and access to Cloud resources.

In addition to ensuring the secure integration of the Cloud environment with the users’ original platforms and their mobility needs, Gigas’ Advanced Firewall allows the management of your specific security policies to be simplified by managing them from a centralized and comprehensive multi-platform.

Lastly, Gigas has its own engineering team, available to our clients 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. In addition to ensuring the well-being of the platform, keeping it free from threats and intrusions that could interfere with the quality of our services, the team handles the administration of the Fortigate Advanced Firewall that our clients require.


One of the main recommendations when choosing a cloud – and thus also the decision of where to store your business data – is to verify that it has up-to-date accreditations and certifications of recognized international standards

ccn ens media logos

Esquema Nacional de Seguridad (ENS)

Gigas is Esquema Nacional de Seguridad (ENS) certified. This certification establishes security standards that apply to all government agencies and public organizations in Spain, and service providers on which the public services are dependent on.

iso 27001

ISO 27001

This is the most commonly used standard when verifying that a company has the appropriate controls to manage the confidentiality, integrity and availability of its information and that of its clients. In order to obtain this certification, we had to demonstrate that we have a systematic approach and control in the management of every single aspect related to information security. In addition to policies and procedures for proper information security management, we offer specific security measures such as Intrusion Detection and Intrusion Prevention Systems (IDS/IPS) to filter attacks and intrusions, different firewall technologies that block authorized communications (but allow legitimate ones through), web traffic analysis and, of course, anti-virus and anti-spam systems.

iso 27018

ISO 27018

The double certification in ISO 27001 and ISO 27018 allows us to assure our customers that their data hosted in our cloud is guaranteed and will not be used for any purpose for which their consent is not expressly given.

pci certificate

Level 1 PCI DSS Certification

Not all clouds are the same. With Gigas Cloud PCI you are ensured the highest level of security for the critical payment data of your customers and, at the same time, we make it easier for you to obtain your own PCI. To reach this level it is necessary for a thorough audit to be conducted to ensure compliance with all the requirements required by this international standard; one that every company that carries out card payment processing must comply with. Failure to comply with this requirement entails substantial fines from any of the five PCI-DSS Council member companies: American Express, Discover, JCB, MasterCard, and Visa.

sap certification

SAP Certification

Certification as an “Infrastructure Operations Services” provider that guarantees we are an SAP Partner as we comply with the required technical requirements and processes ensuring that SAP solutions are properly operated in a high availability and secure hosting environment.

microsoft certification

Microsoft Partner

Gigas, as a Microsoft partner, is certified to lease Windows licenses and other Microsoft programs on a pay-as-you-go basis. Gigas is also a Microsoft Mobility Partner; this benefits clients as they can safely use the licenses already acquired from Microsoft in the Gigas cloud.

hp silver

HPE Silver Partner

Gigas is an HPE SILVER PARTNER and offers its clients a platform that runs on high-density HPE hardware based on the most cutting-edge blade servers to ensure its platform offers the best performance.

vmware partner

VMWare Partner

VMWare partnership certifies Gigas’ expertise in virtualized technology solutions through the application of VMWare products. Our customers benefit of the highest level of knowledge in computing and virtualization at full VMWare support.

netapp provider

NetApp Cloud Service Provider

The Gigas platform is based on storage solutions from Netapp. Gigas has been certified as a Netapp partner to offer our customers the best performance and scalability

netapp logo

Fueled by NetApp

Gigas is a partner of the FUELED BY NETAPP program. Yet another successful partnership to offer our clients a very high-performance storage platform with solid-state disks that provide tens of thousands of IOPs (input/output operations per second) with total security.

ue logo

Official supplier to the European Union

Gigas is a provider of public cloud services for institutions of the European Commission. In 2015 it won the public tender of the open call by the Directorate General of the European Commission for Informatics (DIGIT), together with Belgacom (BE), SFR (FR) , KPN (NL), Portugal Telecom and Enter (IT). The result was based on a rigorous analysis and testing of our platform and our processes, including a verification of the security guarantees we offer with regard to data hosting.


We comply with current legislation on data protection. Our company is audited every year to ensure that all processes with regard to this matter are treated correctly.

cispe logo


One of the main recommendations when choosing a cloud, and thus also where to host one’s business data, is to ensure that it has recognized international accreditations and certification standards that are kept up to date. Gigas is committed to correctly complying with security policies in the matter of data protection by not disclosing any type of client information that may compromise the security of their data.

The company is audited every year to ensure that all processes with regard to this matter are treated correctly. Furthermore, the European CISPE certification code of conduct regarding the data security of our cloud solutions, coupled with our strict procedures to safeguard the integrity of data security, are a definitive guarantee for our clients that we have a reliable security policy in place.