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Secure access from your businesses to the cloud.
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Advanced IPsec VPN

Gigas' VPN gives you an encrypted connection between your offices and the servers you have in your Gigas Cloud Datacenter. You can therefore access and transfer unlimited information completely safely, without your servers having to be visible. Create a 80 Mbits transfer VPN with up to 3 tunnels.

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  • Secure access from businesses to Gigas’ cloud
  • Three independent tunnels at no extra cost
  • Provisions in real time
  • Automatic configuration
  • Free transfer
  • Free 30-day trial

Basic scenario

This is a simple structure with a single FW/router or UTM to get the client’s traffic to the internet and simultaneously raise an IPSec tunnel to their cloud with Gigas. This model only requires that the client’s output device to the internet has a feature enabling IPSec tunnels to be activated.

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Advanced scenario

This is a complex network structure where the placement of the VPN router is important. This network model requires determining in which part of the client’s network the VPN router should be placed. It is advisable to place it in the nearest part of the network element that connects it to the internet (e.g. the DMZ). This configuration (called “on a stick”) prevents traffic sent to the client’s cloud from interfering with other communication traveling through the network.

It is therefore necessary to have a device to start the IPSec tunnel. This scenario can be of use if the equipment that links the client to the internet does not have an IPSec feature. By adding a UTM/router to the DMZ, a tunnel can be raised that adds a static route from the client’s PCs to send VPN traffic via the new gateway.

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