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Cloud Datacenter

Cloud Datacenter

What is the gigas Cloud Datacenter?

Our Cloud Datacenter is the only solution on the market that allows you to define and design your own cloud infrastructure. Unlike other solutions, gigas does not sell virtual machines but a set of unlimited resources (RAM, memory, storage) with which to replicate a physical Datacenter in a virtual environment. All this can be controlled and managed with a simple but powerful, real time, web control panel.

Aimed mainly at large companies, allows you to create, modify, re-distribute and manage your virtual datacenter with total freedom and autonomy, depending on the needs of your business at any given moment. And in minutes!

It offers you flexibility and full control over your cloud infrastructure. This is Gigas.

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Selecciona tu Cloud Datacenter

  • RAM: 6GB
  • CPU: 6 Cores
  • Disk: 200GB
  • Transfer: 2000GB
  • total (sin iva): 100€
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The Advantages of a Cloud Datacenter

  • Customize your Cloud
  • Cloud plug and play
  • Control Panel on your App
  • Free 24 Hour Support
  • Personalized Advice
  • Help in Real Time
  • Self-Service
  • Datacenter Spain and USA

Who is for?

  • Companies that want to reduce costs, by eliminating physical space
  • Companies with variable infrastructure needs
  • Organizations that require a contingency plan for their infrastructure

Complete your Cloud Datacenter


Gigas offers a standard firewall for all its Cloud Datacenters so your data is always protected from all threats.

But that's not all; we give you the possibility of increasing the protection level of your service with our Advanced Firewall, created with the most cutting-edge technology on the market.


Load Balancer

Gigas's Load Balancing is the best solution for your service to always be available at important moments. A load balancer allows you distribute traffic among multiple servers, thus providing your users with a much faster response and obtaining high availability.



Our VLAN separates the different data types between various private networks, thus Allowing unlimited data transfer, at no extra cost.



Gigas's VPN gives you an encrypted connection between your offices and the servers you have in your Gigas Cloud Datacenter. You can therefore access and transfer unlimited information completely safely, without your servers having to be visible.



Gigas's auto-scaling system allows you to automate demand spikes, giving you more power when your traffic requires it. When traffic slows, the initial state of your servers is resumed. This allows you to automate your resources and ensures your service performs well.


Shared disks

Shared disks allows you to configure your cloud servers to simultaneously access the same disk, for both read and write operations.

It therefore ensures:



All Cloud Datacenters at gigas include free, automatic backup. This ensures recovery of your data.

For more demanding clients, we also offer an Advanced Backup. This solution allows you to configure the backup and retention policies you need.


Addons Cloud Datacenter

Additional Disk Space

Choose your Type of Disk

Add Cores

Choice of CPUs

Additional IPs

Domains and SSLs

Administration Service


clients' testimonials cloud datacenter gigas "As a global sports company representing major league sports brands, speed and performance are critical to our success. Teleportation is the perfect solution for us because it allows us to offer a superior experience to our clients while reducing the costs of our cloud infrastructure."

Jose Poveda, CEO, From The Bench

clients' testimonials cloud datacenter gigas "Gigas's cloud solution allowed us to have a contingency environment for our web platform for the Soccer World Championship. The support given by gigas's staff throughout the process, together with an efficient cost structure were what made us choose their services."

Iván Eyara - Head of Canal 13 Digital Media Platforms

clients' testimonials cloud datacenter gigas "Gigas Hosting fully complies with all its contractual obligations and provides excellent service."

Camilo Andrés Peña Gómez - Head of the Legal Department and Risk at Latin Logistics LLC (DBA) Avianca Express.

clients' testimonials cloud datacenter gigas "We liked gigas's perspective. Instead of hiring servers that are bigger or smaller you hire a resource pool. Once you have it, you manage it as you like and as you need. Gigas also offered us the advantage of supplying our content to end users by hiring their services in Datacenters in Madrid and Miami."

A. Luengo. Co-Founder, CTO

clients' testimonials cloud datacenter gigas "Thanks to gigas's service we were able to supply our Visual Analytics tool immediately and without cost to the clients of our software platform, transforming it into a service when previously it was an investment in infrastructure that our clients had to make."

Christian Gardiner - General Manager Iberia (Spain & Portugal)

24 hours a day / 7 days a week

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