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Gigas' technology

Our tier III, IV and ICREA 5 datacenters, located in Madrid, Barcelona, Dublin, Miami, Santiago de Chile, Bogota, Lisbon and Porto ensure minimum latency as well as offering a global environment and worldwide connectivity.

  • datacenter madrid miami gigas Madrid I & II
  • datacenter madrid miami gigas Barcelona
  • datacenter madrid miami gigas Dublín
  • datacenter madrid miami gigas Miami
  • datacenter madrid miami gigas Santiago de Chile
  • datacenter madrid miami gigas Bogota
  • datacenter madrid miami gigas Lisbon
  • datacenter madrid miami gigas Porto
  • Redundant environments
  • Offices in Spain, Colombia, Chile, Mexico, Panama, Peru, Ireland and Portugal

Our Datacenters

datacenter madrid miami gigas España

Datacenters Tier III in Madrid and Barcelona that give access to more than 600 telecommunications providers, including Tier 1 Internet providers and network content distribution, as well as major European neutral points thereby reducing interconnection costs and ensure network availability.

datacenter madrid miami gigas EEUU

USA Offers the best connectivity with Latin America as it is located in the NAP of the Americas in Miami, the hub through which 90% of Internet traffic to and from the continent passes. It has 70,000 m2 of equipped space and is one of the largest data centers in the world. It has a Tier IV rating, the highest for a data center.

datacenter madrid miami gigas Chile

Santiago de Chile's datacenter has 1,200 m2 of technical space and is configured as one main data centers in Chile. Ranked Tier III (design and facility) , records a operation availability of 99.982 %, offers the maximum connectivity across the country.

datacenter madrid miami gigas Colombia

A datacenter with ICREA 5 certification (equivalent to TIER 4). It has top level security and high availability (99.99%). Located on the outskirts of Bogotá, it was specifically designed and built following the strictest specifications with regard to earthquakes, fire extinction and physical security, and maintenance can be carried out without stopping the service. It also has its own power plants to prevent any loss of information in the event of an accident or power cut.

datacenter madrid miami gigas Portugal

Lisbon and Porto: Own data centers in Lisbon and Porto operated by ONI and backed by external data centers in both cities. Strategically located allowing access to multiple fibre networks and underwater cables. With 24x7 monitoring, permanent physical security and cooling and power redundancy, both data centers are able to provide the best service in Portugal. They have the following certifications: ISO 9001, 14001, 27001 & OHSAS 18001, NATO Certification and ALVAR 207C certification to host CCTV images.

datacenter madrid miami gigas Ireland

A BT datacenter with Tier III characteristics, designed and built to meet the highest standard in capacity, functionality, operational integrity and efficiency. With more than 13,000 m2, it ensures resilience and high availability with a minimum uptime of 99.95%. It has a fully controlled and monitored environment and 24/7 security personnel, in addition to ISO 20000/9001/14001/27001 and PCI DSS (v3.2) certifications.

The features of our technology

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