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Business Intelligence for enterprises

Tools to facilitate the exploration and analysis of your company's data to improve the decision-making process.


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What is g-BI & ANALYTICS?

The BI and Analytics solution from Gigas is delivered through the Microsoft 365 Power BI Pro subscription.

Included features

Data Preparation, Modeling, and Visualization

  • Model Limit: 1 GB
  • Refresh Frequency: 8 times per day
  • Connection to over 100 data sources
  • Creation of reports and visualizations with Power BI Desktop
  • API integration and controls
  • AI visuals

Collaboration and Analytics

  • Access from mobile applications
  • Report publishing for sharing and collaboration

Governance and Administration

  • Data security and encryption
  • Metrics for content creation, consumption, and publishing

Segment III (0 to 2 employees)

1 user. 30 hours of implementation

1.500 € /year

100% subsidized

Segment II (3 to 9 employees)

1 user. 40 hours of implementation

2.000 € /year

100% subsidized

Segment II (3 to 9 employees)

3 users. 70 hours of implementation

4.000 € /year

100% subsidized

Service Deployment

2-3 weeks

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Data collection with the client to define configuration options and possible parameterizations

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Tenant creation (with activation of own domain or default domain)

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Configuration of password policy, MFA, etc.

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Creation of users, provisioning, and license assignment

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Installation of Power BI Desktop software for each user

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Support in creating the initial reports for each user:

  • · Preparation of templates for custom implementation
  • · Adaptation of tables for information analysis
  • · Report creation and Report publishing

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Product usage and licensing

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New configurations or modifications of existing ones

All our solutions include

soporte técnico

Maintenance and technical support

Incident Support for product usage, both for the software installed on your devices and on the Cloud platform.

In case you encounter any issues, our solution includes technical support service from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM, Monday to Friday, with a maximum response time of 24 hours.

The technical support phone number is 917 379 126.



Advanced Power BI Training on eLearning platform:

Get data: How to connect to different sources (Excel, SQL, and/or CSV) to extract relevant data for corporate analysis.

Information analysis and patterns: Treatment and analysis of the obtained information and detection of useful patterns for the company.

Report creation and publishing: To share insights within the organization.