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g-Cloud CRM:
Cloud-based CRM solutions

Digitize your business relationships with your customers and leads. Optimize their management and your sales actions

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What is g-CLOUD CRM?

This is the platform that Gigas offers you for the centralized and controlled management of all your clients and business contacts by categories. This tool will enable you to activate campaigns and commercial actions both on clients and potential leads. All with technical support and access to a private area.

Included features

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  • Customer management: including addresses, contacts, and tracking of offers and their conversion into orders or contracts
  • Lead management: Manually and through CSV file import
  • Opportunity management: creation and tracking of stages until closure. Opportunities can be created linked to customers or leads. It will also be possible to upload documentation related to customers and opportunities
  • Commercial actions or tasks: The solution offers the possibility to create commercial actions and tasks, both manually and automatically
  • The solution is accessible via web browser with responsive design for proper viewing on mobile devices and includes the option to define alerts and access through APIs
  • GDPR compliance

Segments II and III (0 to 9 employees)

1 user. 30 hours of implementation

2.000 € /year

100% subsidized

Segment I (10 to 49 employees)

3 users. 40 hours of implementation

4.000 € /year

100% subsidized

Service Deployment

2-3 weeks

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Data collection with the client to define configuration options and their possible parameterizations

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Creation of the company subscription

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Import of the customer and contact table provided by the client in CSV or Excel format

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Creation of users, provisioning, and assignment of licenses

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Creation of up to 3 custom fields

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Creation of up to 3 custom workflow processes

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Creation of up to 3 custom reports

All our solutions include

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Maintenance and technical support

In the event of any issues, our solution includes a technical support service from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm, Monday to Friday, with a maximum response time of 24 hours. You also have access to remote functional support 8/5 for any modifications to your solution. We also take care of the initial configuration and maintenance with respective updates.

We provide support for product usage incidents, as well as inquiries regarding product usage and licensing.

Requests for new configurations or modifications to existing ones (may entail additional budget).

The technical support phone number is 917 379 126.



Training via eLearning platform on creating clients, potentials, contacts, suppliers, and partners, as well as on creating and tracking opportunities, working with attachments, and generating reports.