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Flexible Fibre Optic:
FTTH offering pay-as-you-go expandable bandwidth

Our Gigas Fibra Flexible solution lets you cover peak traffic and expand the dedicated bandwidth of your FTTH flexibly when needed, and only for as long as needed.

Make it connected, make it Gigas.

Let's get back to the future - Marty McFly
JUST €0.01 per hour
for every additional TRANCHE OF 100 Mbps


Gigas Fibra Flexible is a unique, efficient, low-cost solutionfor you to manage the flow of your FTTH fibre where you are billed for bandwidth overage only for as long as you need it. This flexible solution will let you customise your circuit and enjoy the Peace of Mind as a Service that your company needs.

As an efficient, highly functional solution to dedicate expanded connectivity, this feature shortens data transfer times if, for example, you have to do scheduled backups or you need to launch a one-off marketing campaign, or if you have a server farm in your LAN.

Make it connected, make it Gigas.

fibra flexible


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Pay only for what you use

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Increase your bandwidth only when you need it

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Link your Cloud solutions to Fibra Flexible to secure your information and critical apps

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Check the speed of your contracted fibers from the control panel
Only in Gigas

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